Like I said she ge h : every new class at Keaton has their very new egng ynday net the own "Bianca Blackwell". Mine was Trisha Marmaza.

— [sevge g[Scarlett Dunn, Scarlett]]

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Trisha Marmaza[1] is a former Music Program student at Keaton School of the Arts. Trisha does not appear on Backstage, but she has been mentioned.


Keaton School of the Arts[1]

Trisha used to be mean to Scarlett and presumably other students. Still during her first year, Trisha dropped out of Keaton when it became close to Christmas. She was labelled as "The Christmas Dropout".



Trisha shares some traits with Bianca: she can be very rude and thinks that they are the best.

Physical Appearance

Not much is known of Trisha's appearance, except from that she had straight, glossy hair.[1]


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