Scarlett: Why are you wet?

Jax: The sprinklers are going off. The school's on fire!

— (Scene Taken from: Ensemble)

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Alya: Austin, this is Miles.

Miles: The boyfriend.

Austin: This guy's your type?

— (Scene Taken from: Step Up)

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It was totally a firing. I feel awful.


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This is not okay. I don't know what's going on with Austin and Denzel but something doesn't feel right.


Are you two sure neither of you know anything about this or that the sprinklers were part of the revenge plot against Julie Maslany?

Principal Durani to Jenna and Carly

I am shocked that either of you would get revenge on the other students.

Principal Durani to Jenna and Carly

Austin's a bully! I can't accept that and neither should you!

Alya, to Denzel

C'mon Denzel. He deserves it.


That's what I thought! This video is my vision! I put it in the hours and it's going on my reel! [...] You know what? Maybe we should get Scarlett back. She's less annoying than you. [...] Right girl. Choose, pal. Me or her.

Austin, to Alya

No way! Austin's gotta go!


Who are you, shrimp?

Austin, to Kit

Denzel: Grr!

Austin: What do you think you're doing?!

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