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Helsweel season 1 episode 1 2 "And again. And again, and again, and again, and again."

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Julie Scarlett season 1 episode 3 "Are these songs in alphabetical order?"
"Of course! Also, they're organized by year and genre."

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Miles: I'm sick.

Alya: What?

Miles: I have a kidney thing. A disease.

— (Scene Taken from: In Their Shoes)

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I don't know what to say, Vanessa... perfection!

Helsweel, to Vanessa

Um, did Helsweel just give me a straight up compliment?


Everything you have worked towards this semester has led to the moment.

Helsweel, to her students

The last couple weeks have been Da Boheme this and Da Boheme that and it's driving me crazy.


I'm performing in the show known as life.

Scarlett, to the Costume Student

Stop pestering the poor kid, Scar.

Julie, to Scarlett

See that kid over there?

Julie, to Scarlett

Den-to-the-Zel? What's up with him?

Scarlett, to Julie

My ankle is hurting so much.


Do you even hear yourself? Where's Alya?

Miles, to Alya

I'm right here.

Alya, to Miles

You're not the girl I met the first day of school.

Miles, to Alya

You should've thought of that before you lied to me. Which I gotta say, I didn't think you were that kind of person. Oh, and call your mother. She wants to speak with you.

Mr. Park, to Miles

Carly, how did you get locked in here? Did someone lock you in? I'm listening.

Ms. Maria, to Carly

It's just a little sore.

Vanessa, to Carly

Ooh, this is perfect!


She should've been a motivation speaker.


I'm so stupid! I don't what's worse. Lying to Mr. Park or trusting Alya to be my partner. We've got less than 3 hours before we go onstage in front of the entire school and Alya still doesn't know the song or the harmonies. What if she forgets the lyrics or our voices clash? It's gonna be a disaster, or worse, after how we left things today, I'm not even sure Alya's gonna show. I could fail. This could be my last day at Keaton. No! No, stop it! It's not gonna happen. Alya will show. She says she's a professional. Well, now's her chance to prove it. Come on, Alya. Where are you?


My ankle is looking more like the evil step sister than Cinderella.


I don't know who that girl is and honestly I don't want to be that girl ever again!

Alya, to Miles

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