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Helsweel season 1 episode 1 2 "And again. And again, and again, and again, and again."

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Season 1

Ready as I'll ever be.

— "The First Day"

Here we go! First day of one of the most prestigious art schools in the country.

— "The First Day"

I can do this. I can do this.

— "Stand Tall"

[gasps] Cassandra called me a warrior! Wow. That was the most difficult routines I had ever danced in my life. The whole time my stomach was a mess like Orson first day of school butterflies and drank so many of Carly's home remedies. You should've seen them. I'll save you the gory details. Thank goodness for Carly. Her idea to hide garbage bins on the dance floor, genius! But, to be honest, it was more than just puke buckets that got me through that dance. You know when Carly was there, cheering me on, I knew I could do it no matter how sick I felt.

— "Stand Tall"

Sasha likes you!

— to Carly, "Take Me Out"

Sorry. [...] Funny you should mention that. I wanna ask for tomorrow night off. [...] Okay. I demand the night off! It's mine and Carly's friendiversary. 9 years tomorrow! Every year, we eat hot fudge sundaes and watch Avatar. Even though we kinda hate that movie now. [...] Um, like money? [...] That's a lot of... It's a deal.

— to Cassandra, "Dig Deeper"

Extend! Why are you not extending?!

— to Sasha, "On Deck"

Excuse me? Hello? Real Cinderella standing right here.

— "The Understudy"

What is she trying to do to me?

— "Lose Yourself"

Maria, imagine I quit!

— to Ms. Maria, "Lose Yourself"

Something's up. Cassandra never just says hi, especially to a non-prima.

— "Plays Well with Others"

Cee's my best friend and if you can't handle that then maybe I'm not the right girl for your team.

— to Cassandra, "Plays Well with Others"

What did you do?! [...] How dare you tell Maria?! [...] Don't even try to pretend like you didn't tell her! You've always been jealous of me, Carly Catto! Admit it! Since the day we got here, you've been hoping I mess up! [...] You did nothing but hurt me! Standing me up on our friendiversary, rubbing your friendship with Sasha in my face, getting me kicked out of the Primas, and now you go and tell Maria about my ankle. That has got to be the lowest of the low. Say something! [...] You know what? It doesn't even matter because I'm still the lead and all you are is my understudy and that's you're ever gonna be. An understudy. [...] You wish! It doesn't change the fact that you're still my understudy. And you and I? We're done for good! I never want to talk to you again!

— to Carly, "Showtime"

I'm super excited to be back! The doctor took my x-rays yesterday and my cast is coming off this week! The only thing I'm not excited for…

— "Restart"

But dance is my thing, my only thing!

— to Ms. Maria, "Once in a Lifetime"

I'm not dancing. Just choreographing.

— to Sloane, "Friend or Foe"

You're not a rock, Carly. You're a dragon egg.

— to Carly, "Verite"

Except Cee can't know Sasha kissed me.

— "Try Again"

At least Carly and I are in a good place, even if our dance crews are mortal enemies.

— "Me"

Primas get the Open House spot every year.

— to Helsweel, "Me"

Season 2

So let me get this straight. Grade 9: Injury. Great 10: Injury. Grade 11: Here's hoping.

— "Leading by Example"

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Did you see Helsweel's face? I think I just peed my pants a little.

— to Sasha and Carly, "The One"

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That's it. This jerk has messed up one too many of my friends.

— "Take the Note"

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Thank the dance gods!

— "In The Dark"

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Did she change the lyrics make them about me? She wouldn't.

— "Telling Stories"

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Stop, Alya. Please.

— "Telling Stories"

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There's something wrong with Helsweel. [...] I don't know. She was complaining about her eyes and not being able to see. It was really scary. Durani took her to the hospital.

— to Carly and Beckett, "In Your Eyes"

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In this story, I hate you, Beckett Bradstreet. But... not as much as I like you.

— to Beckett, "Hope"

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