Vasha is the non-canon pairing between Sasha and Vanessa.



Sasha and Vanessa first meet on the first day of school. Sasha compliments Vanessa on her dancing, saying that Mrs. Helsweel clearly thought she was amazing and told her that it was likely her to be chosen as a Prima. Later, when Vanessa is chosen as a Prima, Sasha says "Was I right, or was I right?". A few days later when Vanessa and Carly get into a fight, he offers her advice. A few weeks later he brings Vanessa the special coffee that she always orders. Once the student dance showcase rolls around, Sasha wounds up as the male lead, and Vanessa and Carly both up for the female lead. Sasha had taken Carly to a concert, which gave her the false idea that they were dating, even though Sasha didn't think they were. However, while Cee and Vee were rehearsing the audition dance, Carly keeps pushing Vanessa away when she tries to dance with Sasha. Vanessa flips out, saying that she feels invisible. A few episodes later, Vanessa injures herself, and Sasha tells Ms. Maria about it. Vee thinks that it was Cee and they get into a fight. During the fight, Carly gives Sasha and ultimatum on who to be friends with: Carly or Vanessa. Sasha chooses Vanessa because he doesn't think Carly was being a true friend in giving him the ultimatum. Later, Sasha gets kicked out of the Primas, and asks Vanessa to help get him into her dance club, the Streets. He does get in, and he kisses her out of excitement. When Vanessa asks what just happened, Sasha plays it off as being "caught in the moment." They decide to keep it a secret and remain close friends.


"The First Day"

"Groups of Two"

"Stand Tall"

"On Deck"

"Sotto Voce"

"The Understudy"




"Once in a Lifetime"

"Da Capo"

"Step Up"


"Try Again"




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