I can't lie anymore! ...I have to tell him what I did.

Julie Maslany

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"Verite" is the 22nd episode of Season 1 of Backstage.


Julie is consumed with guilt over cheating on her PSATs. A musical roots assignment hits an emotional nerve with Scarlett. Carly's insecurities about her dancing get the better of her.


Maria gives Vanessa the responsibility of choreographing a dance for Carly, Sasha and Jenna. When Carly is directed to assume the stance of a rock, lacking any kind of dancing, she questions what Vanessa is doing. Despite the two's severed friendship, Maria advises Carly to trust Vanessa's abilities as a choreographer. Later, Vanessa finds out her ankle has healed enough for the cast to be removed.

When Scarlett receives an assignment to write a song which connects to her musical roots, she struggles with it because she is unsure whether her birth parents had anything to do with those roots. Kit reminds her that their adoptive parents are a huge influence in where they both are in music.

When Principal Durani wants to talk to Julie regarding the PSAT, she becomes uncomfortable and decides to tell Denzel what she did to clear her conscience. Durani congratulates her on getting the highest PSAT score in Keaton history and wants her photo to go on the Keaton web site in honor of her achievement. Julie realizes she needs to come clean with Durani, though Denzel fears seeing her taken out of Keaton again.








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