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Scarlett: I'll see you later for pierogi night.

Denzel: Why would you put yourself through that misery again if you didn't have to?

Kit: She's my sister. We're both adopted.

— (Scene Taken from: Take Me Out)

Julie Maslany? I need to talk to you about your PSATs. My office in 10 minutes.

Principal Durani, to Julie

You rocked your PSATs. Right?

Denzel, to Julie

Denzel. Roland. Stone.


Thanks, man. That was great.

Ryland, to Zachary

Ryland Marcus! Super famous, super gorgeous! And who needs Denzel's video when I can look at a face like that?


Um, I'm adopted. So, my musical roots are unknown. But, I'll figure this out. It's for Ryland Marcus.


Your technique is incredible, Carly.

Maria, to Carly

Congratulations! Incredible results.

Principal Durani, to Julie

Something Johnny Cash inspired, huh? Okay, let's hear it.

Ryland, to Scarlett

Ryland: Remember the song I sang earlier?

Scarlett: The one about your son?

Ryland: He's actually my nephew but my brother passed away a few years ago.

Where did that come from?


Kit: Scarlett, Mom sang that to us.

Scarlett: What?!

Kit: I know you want to know what part of your birth parents are in you but you might not ever know. Trust that they are in you, Scarly, but… Mom, Dad, me… we're in you too.

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