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Scarlett: That's a letter from your bio parents.

Jax: The sprinklers are going off. The school's on fire!
Kit: The letter. Jax, where is it?

— (Scene Taken from: Ensemble)

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Scarlett: [voice breaks]

Kit: Another nodes scare.

— (Scene Taken from: The Understudy)

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I've been trying to figure out what to say to Alya. Nothing happened with Julie, but for a split second I wanted it to.


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It's complicated.

Miles, to Bianca

Everything is complicated with you.

Bianca, to Miles

I'm just being paranoid. It's probably nothing.


Scarlett: I would like to introduce you to Julie Maslany.

Julie: Thank you, Scarlett. Scarlett Dunn, my co-prez, everyone.

How could you agree to this?! What were you thinking?! You say no, Jackson! You say no!

Kit, to Jax

Can I still go on tour with you?

Jax, to Kit

Nerves? It's not nerves. It can't be. Every fiber in my body is telling me it's- No. I'm fine. I can't go there. It's nerves.


She's right. I am spectacular at one thing. And now, that one thing might be gone.


Stop it! Stop getting in your own way!

Vanessa, to Carly

Kit, just be yourself.

Jax, to Kit

Kit, it's what your parents would have wanted!

Jax, to Kit

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Keep on digging, Jaxy boy. Keep on digging.


I can't take this.


Bianca: I didn't get the part in L.A.

Alya: I think Miles and I just broke up.
Bianca: You win!

Kit: "Dear Katherine." How do they know my name? "We've asked that your adoptive parents name you after your grandmother: Katherine Wilder. An amazing strong person who left this world too soon. One day, we hope that you'll find this letter and know how hard this decision has been for us. That we're doing this for you. Because we believe that Mr. and Mrs. Dunn will give you a better life that we can in our situation."

Scarlett: "While we're not with you, please know that you'll always and forever be with us. We know that you will be a strong and beautiful human being. That you will contribute to the world and make a difference. We know that you will become the phenomenal person you were meant to be. Don't let anyone take that away from you. Forever yours, Jay and El."

Scarly, are you okay?

Kit, to Scarlett

Dance with me.

Carly, to Vanessa

Alya: Maybe we should call this off. We shot most of the video already.

Scarlett: I-
Kit: Scarly! Stop talking. You're only gonna make this worse.

Denzel's going to be devastated that Scarlett can't sing for the live finale. But what choice do we have?


No, the live performance will go on exactly as planned. Because I have an idea.

Denzel, to Alya

Welcome. What you're about to see is a labor of love. A lot of us have been working really hard to make this happen. I hope you enjoy.

Denzel, to the others

The song you're hearing is a recording. This is the one and only time I will ever lip-synch. The doctor confirmed. I have nodes. Calluses on my vocal chords. It doesn't mean I'll ever sing again. But it is a very real personality. I will keep fighting. I will keep singing.